The ProCom Group

We serve a variety of markets that include the appliance, lawn & garden, HVAC, consumer, and small vehicle manufacturing markets. Our current product offerings are in custom lighting, rechargeable energy, motion and motion control, human interface devices, and electrical current-carrying products.

Motors & Blowers

AC and DC motors up to 5HP
Stepper, ECM, BLDC, PSC, SP Motors
Horizontal and box blowers

Wire Harness & Electronic Assembly

Local and Mexico Harness Assembly
Automotive, Appliance, & Industrial
Electronic Assembly Based in Vietnam


Lithium Polymer, LiFePO4, LiCo, LTO, Li-NMC, NiMH, SLA, Individual Cells, Battery Packs and Assemblies

Displays, Switches, and Bluetooth Systems

LCD Displays & Imbedded Systems,
Standard Automotive and Consumer Rocker, Push-button, and Snap-action Switches, Onboard Bluetooth Systems for Vehicles

LED Lighting

Custom LED Lighting for Vehicles, Appliance, & Industrial Applications
Standard Line of LED Strip Lights, and SAE Approved Automotive Lighting
Custom Incandescent Lights

Transformers, Power Supplies, & Battery Chargers

E-Frame Laminate Transformers, Wall Adaptors & Battery Chargers
USB 12v, 48v Vehicle Chargers

Terminal Blocks and Ignition Modules

Dinrail terminal blocks, standard barrier strips, circular connectors, Ignition modules for gas appliances

Power Cords and EV Charger Cords

UL, CSA, and International Cordsets made in Vietnam, Charger cords for electric vehicle chargers

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