The ProCom Group

We serve a variety of markets that include the appliance, lawn & garden, HVAC, consumer, and small vehicle manufacturing markets. Our current product offerings are in custom lighting, rechargeable energy, motion and motion control, human interface devices, and electrical current-carrying products.

Motors & Blowers

AC and DC motors up to 5HP
Stepper, ECM, BLDC, PSC, SP Motors
Horizontal and box blowers

Wire Harness & Electronic Assembly

Local and Mexico Harness Assembly
Automotive, Appliance, & Industrial
Electronic Assembly Based in Vietnam


Lithium Polymer, LiFePO4, LiCo, LTO, Li-NMC, NiMH, SLA Individual Cells, Battery Packs and Assemblies

Displays & Gauges

LCD Displays & Imbedded Systems
Automotive Gauges, Senders, & Telematics

LED Lighting

Custom LED Lighting for Vehicles, Appliance, & Industrial Applications
Standard Line of LED Strip Lights, and SAE Approved Automotive Lighting
Custom Incandescent Lights

Transformers, Power Supplies, & Battery Chargers

E-Frame Laminate Transformers, Wall Adaptors & Battery Chargers
USB 12v, 48v Vehicle Chargers

Appliance Controllers

Controllers for Refrigeration, Restaurant Equipment, HVAC
Programmable Controllers

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